A new backup policy will be enforced starting on May 20th 2011.  Full daily server cPanel backups are obtained by subscription only. Subscriptions are based on Package specs unless otherwise stated. This does not affect your ability to create backups via your cPanel. This only pertains to daily backups of full cPanel user accounts created by the server and stored on the server.

Service Fees per account are listed below.

  • Kickstarter= $33 per year
  • Hypercycle=$66 Per year
  • Factory Starter=$33 per year
  • Factory Business=$66 Per year

Accounts with special storage needs= $1.00 per gig. Invoiced at a rate of one year for total storage usage per month.

You may place the order via your biling/support center and or place a support ticket and I can place the order for you.

Frank Doud
G.C. Solutions

Sunday, May 15, 2011

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