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The new system can be found inside the Restore Manager Area inside your cPanel.

We have instituted a backup system that contains 2 days worth of backups for your account. The backups are created at 10:20PST once the local backups are complete we then FTP those backups to a remote server. The backups are located in the remote server in case a full server disaster occurs and your data is lost from your local machine. The backup plan thus has 4 copy's of your account on two different machines. G.C. solutions will soon be implementing a Monthly backup to add to the 2 daily backup versions.

The system is up and running on all production machines.

Due to the amount of server resources required cPanel back-up via your control panel has been discontinued. G.C. Solutions main focus has always been on providing strong server support for your sites operational usage. Our system has been proven over and over to be more effective (proof as seen by our sites running 100+ users) then the average provider. You may create backups of your sites via FTP and myPHPadmin when required.

For those that wish to utilize G.C. solutions backup system Please feel free to place a ticket or you may also order via your support area.

Prices are as follows:
KickStarter=$33.00 per year
HyperCycle=$66.00 per year
Factory=$99.00 Per year

For those that have special packages with larger allotments of storage. Please contact support for more information on cost.

For those of you that already are subscribers to our backup system please assure you have the "Restore Manager items in your cPanel area.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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