Let cPanel do the work for you when buying and installing a SSL cert. As close as you can get to a "Big Red" button.

Where you can find the interface
Log in to your cPanel interface for purchasing an SSL certificate for them through cPanel’s SSL/TLS Wizard  interface (cPanel >> Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS Wizard). It also displays a list of cPanel accounts on the server together wi
th their primary domain names.

Purchase a Certificate

  • Click on Domain name you wish to add the cert.  
  • Click Continue
  • Choose Your Cert
  • Click Continue
  • Resolve issues if required. No Issues? Click Continue
  • Click Checkout. Make a account Create Payment after payment cPanel will install the Cert on your account.

It is to note that a user should use one’s own credentials to log in to the cPanel Store, and not the cPanel user’s credentials. Also, the system will send the purchase notices to the cPanel user’s contact address. If the site owner fails to configure a contact address, then in that case the system will send the notice to the purchaser.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

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